USFS Region 8 Hiring Leaders for Women’s Fire Module

Photo Credit: Ann Liles

R8 Fire and Aviation Management is pleased to share this exciting opportunity to hire a Handcrew Supervisor (GS-0462-08) and Assistant Supervisor (GS-0462-07) to lead a new 8 to 10-person, Women’s partner-enabled Fire Module starting in January of 2023. 

We are outreaching for both a non-competitive NTE 120-day opportunity as well as a competitive NTE 1-year opportunity which will provide the ability to extend the positions for up to five (5) years (with potential for conversion to full-time, permanent positions) as funding allows. 

The incumbents will provide for the mentoring, training and development of Student Conservation Association interns and other 21st Century Conservation Service Corps partners in prescribed fire/fuels and suppression activities exposing them to the full range of career opportunities in Wildland Fire. 

Duty Station: Clemson, SC
Major Duties include but not limited to:
 Serves as Handcrew Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor of an organized 8 to 10-person partner-enabled module, providing for the mentoring, training and development of Student Conservation Association or other 21 st Century Conservation Service Corps interns in prescribed fire/fuels and suppression activities.
 Organizes/instructs NWCG courses necessary for entry-level work in wildland fire management.
 Ensures crew consistently meets fire readiness standards.
 Responsible for making on-site evaluations of conditions, making tactical decisions, and determining appropriate response based on crew ability and safety.
 Responsible for a full range of fire-related assignments and project work, such as fuels monitoring, prescribed fire and prep, manual fuels treatment with chainsaws and hand tools, and other fire management projects as assigned.

Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM) Standards: These positions require, under Forest Service – Fire Program Management (FSFPM) Standards, that the applicant possess primary and secondary core NWCG (National Wildland Coordinating Group) incident management minimum qualifications as follows:
 GS-0462-07/08 Handcrew Supervisor – current qualification as CRWB and ICT5
 GS-0462-06/07 Handcrew Asst Supervisor – current qualification as FFT1 and ICT5

Firefighter Retirement Coverage: This is an arduous position and subject to medical screening, drug testing, and physical fitness testing. This position is a Primary firefighter position covered under the provisions of 5 U.S.C. 8336(c) and 5 U.S.C. 8412(d). Approved for primary firefighter coverage under CSRS and FERS by USDA on 03/25/2009 C2.

Work Capacity Test (WCT) for Wildland Firefighters: This position participates in wildland firefighting activities. Based on the type of work performed, TAKING and PASSING the WCT at the ARDUOUS level is a condition of employment; The Arduous fitness (Pack) Test requires completing a three (3) mile hike within forty-five (45) minutes, while carrying a forty-five (45) pound pack.

Please help us share this leadership and workforce development opportunity far and wide with potentially qualified and interested candidates!

Outreach Responses are due by Sept 16th, 2022:

NTE 120-day Women’s Fire Module Supervisor Response Link                   

NTE 1-yr Women’s Fire Module Supervisor Response Link

NTE 120-day Women’s Fire Module Asst Sup Response Link                       

NTE 1-yr Women’s Fire Module Asst Sup Response Link

Interested candidates with further questions regarding this new module can reach out to myself, Mike Seaton – R8 FAM Module Coordinator [email protected] or R8 FAM Deputy Assistant Director for Planning Steve Parrish (850) 524-1244.

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