North Carolina Prescribed Fire Council

The mission of the North Carolina Prescribed Fire Council is to foster cooperation among all parties in North Carolina with an interest or stake in prescribed fire.

NC Prescribed Fire Council Committees

Education and Outreach

The Education and Outreach sub-committee has designed a Communications Plans and a brochure on the Council. It is also tasked with continuing to develop and improve the Council's website. If you have some background in outreach or just want to try a new challenge, we have several projects where we could use your help.

Chair: Debbie Crane and Brian Haines


The Membership sub-committee recruits and tracks membership for the Prescribed Fire Council.

Chair: Mark Megalos and John Ann Shearer


The Implementation sub-committee works closely with the other subcommittees to identify factors that impede practitioner use of prescribed fire both on public and private lands. It will develop solutions/ actions to ameliorate these problems. It will provide a means of supporting and enhancing certified burner and other current and future training programs designed to organize and train responsible, experienced prescribed burners.

Chair: Matthew Harrell


The Development sub-committee will be comprised of the executive officers to make sure that the budget and finances are in place to support the work of the committees.

Chair: Bruce White


The Policy sub-committee will identify potential issues (e.g. air quality and/or wetlands) that could affect the use of prescribed fire and develop solutions in cooperation with regulatory agencies. It will provide an active conservation voice in legislative proceedings that debate the future of prescribed fire as a primary tool for wildlife, forest and ecosystem management in North Carolina.

Chair: Cynthia Van Der Wiele


The Training sub-committee will...

Chair: tbd

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting sub-committee is tasked with organizing the Council's Annual Meeting. If you like to make sure the meeting covers what you need as a prescribed burner, this is the committee to join!

Chair: Michael Cheek